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October Booster club meeting 10/12/16


Present:  Geno Rajtar, Justin Mathes, Doug Smith, Bennett Coughlin, Steve Fink,

  1. Secretary Report- Geno motions to approve the September minutes. Second by Justin. Motion approved.
  2. Treasurer Report given by Doug for September
  3. Bills to pay- Out of General Acct: $209 for dumpster to Hansen Sanitation for mud run, $152.45 for 3 mini cases and 45.27 for 3 tripod for total of $197.72 to Gene Ratjar equally out of VB, boys basketball and girls basketball accts. $400 out of boys basketball acct for Hudl Software, $400 to Radio Mankato for advertisement for Hoopin, $500 to SCTC for donation out of general acct as requested by Big Dogs, $389.30 out of the cross country acct for shorts.
  4. ­­­­Dan moved to pay all bills except. Second by Steve. Motion approved.

III. Old Business

  1. Mud Run
    1. Checks were received for Mud Run for $6837. After bills that we paid, our profit is $6163 for this year.
    2. Future
      1. Doug Sjulstad will try to contact Trevor Wagner by the next meeting
    3. Coupon Book-
      1. Coupon books fundraiser will ended 10/5/16
      2. As of 10/10/16: 319 books sold=$6380= $3190 profit
      3. 10/7/16 notes were send out to almost 200 families who had not returned their books or monies.
    4. Membership-updates given
      1. Membership spreadsheet was sent to Justin
      2. Ideas to increase memberships
        1. Discussion on different levels of membership possibly add a decal
        2. Bennett plans on updating the website regarding Memberships
      3. Hoopin on the Hill –
        1. Final profit from Hoopin: $3958.03
      4. Loose Moose Golf Tournament-no current updates
      5. Website
        1. Content would include: corporate sponsor logos, mission statement, board members and way to contact them, meeting information and notes, and event signups. Bennett plans on updating
        2. Format:
        3. Mission statement
      6. Board members and positions – will vote next meeting
      7. New Business
      8. United games fundraiser: Bennett explained – Steve motioned to move forward, Dan 2nd, Motion passes. Bennett will put link to event on webpage.
      9. Radio Mankato – Discussed Booster Club helping get sponsors for radio at $125 per month which gets them 3 ads per game. Motion made by Dan to move forward with getting sponsors, 2nd by Justin.
      10. Trailer Trash updates were made
      11. Meeting Adjourned-Motion to adjourn made by Dan 2nd made by Justin. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 7 pm