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December Booster club meeting 12/14/16


Present:  Geno Rajtar, Kara Sweere, Missy Strachan, Justin Mathes, Matt Fink, Dan Godfrey, Wes Otto


  1. Secretary Report- Missy motions to approve the November minutes. Second by Wes. Motion approved.
  2. Treasurer Report given by Kara for October
  3. Bills to pay-
    1. Out of General Acct: $535 to Heather Frantum Mathes for youth BB tournaments ( 2 boys teams – 2 tournaments each), $336 to JRM promotions  for youth BB shooter shirts, $186.11 to Kara Sweere to reimburse for coupon book pizza party and office supplies
    2. Out of individual accts: $400 to Hudl for software (girls basketball), $780.00 JRM promotions for youth uniforms (gen basketball), $360 to Mike Eichers for 7th gr basketball tournaments (boys basketball), $144.30 to Creative Ad Solutions for awards (softball), $176.77  to Creative Ad Solutions for awards (girls basketball),  $257.33 to Creative Ad Solutions for awards (volleyball), $726.60 to Melissa Theuninck for girl BB warm-ups/shirts (girls basketball),  $240 to Kim Dehen for fall girls BB tournaments (girls basketball), $150 to Quality 1 Hr Foto for banner (Volleyball), $284 to United Team Elite for coaches shirts (FB), $1515.05 to Charlies for FB banquet – pending check from Coach Bachman (FB),
  4. ­­­­Missy moved to pay all bills. Second by Dan. Motion approved.

III. Old Business

  1. Coupon Book-
    1. Winners were paid and pizza party is done. All were announced in weekly Loyola newsletter. Final amt brought in was $5980.61.
  2. Membership-updates given
    1. The membership form needs to be online. Kara will email form to Matt who will try to get online before next meeting. At January meeting will plan social for February date.
    2. Discussed coming up with list of individuals to become members and listing them on website.
    3. Discussion on how to get more information out to parents about us.
      1. Geno suggested banner as other schools have them. We do have a banner which is in the back of the concessions right now. Justin will bring to next meeting to look at and Geno will send picture of the Nicollet one that he saw to the board members. Geno priced a new one out at about $284. Melissa Theuninck suggested talking to Pam Haugum who could possibly do for cheaper.
      2. Kara suggested getting monthly updates in the weekly newsletter. This is something that could be written at each meeting by all then sent to Angie Winch to put in. All were agreeable.
    4. Hoopin on the Hill –
      1. Date is confirmed for 8/5/16.
      2. Online registration needs to be done before end of January or before youth BB season ends.
      3. Dan will talk with Casey to see if there are any conflicts with donations/sponsors.
      4. Wes said that he would help with promoting.
    5. Loose Moose Golf Tournament
      1. School is possibly reviving Golf Classic – Steve may have more information next meeting about this so will revisit next month as there was talk about combining.
      2. Mike Kortuem who has been involved with both suggested leaving the Loose Moose Tournament as is.
    6. Website
      1. Matt continues to work on this but with holiday season is very busy at work but states will continue to work on online membership form and online hoopin registration
      2. Need to update board members on site. It was suggested that we put pictures up also and possibly having Gregg Anderson do them as donation?
    7. Board members and positions –
      1. Discussion was held on board members and attendance policy at meetings as there needs to be some consistency in attendance.
      2. New Business
    8. Trailer Trash update: very big success as it was sold out. The Booster Club will bring in $4000-5000.
    9. Wes Otto suggested setting up face page for Booster Club and volunteered to set it up.


  1. Meeting Adjourned-Motion to adjourn made by Matt 2nd made by Dan. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm