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February Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Date:  February 8, 2017


Present:  Geno Rajtar, Kara Sweere, Matt Fink, Dan Godfrey, and Steve Fink


  1. Secretary Report-The Minutes for the meeting for January 2017 meeting were presented for the approval. Matt Fink motioned to approve January Minutes; second by Dan Godfrey and the motion to accept the January Minutes was approved.


  1. Treasurer Report- Kara Sweere presented the Treasurer Report for January 2017
  2. The following bills were presented for payment: $1,300 to Dale Baskett –football; $125 to “the Fan Mankato” general account; $300 to MGBCA for Lindsey Theuninck All State Girls basketball-general account.  Kara Sweere moved to approve payment of the bills; second by Geno Rajtar and the motion passed.
  3. ­­­Dan Godfrey motioned to accept the Treasurer Report; second by Matt Fink and the motion to was approved.


III. Old Business

  1. Hoopin on Hill
  2. Update from Dan Godfrey; various ideas to post notice of the tournament;
  3. Coupon Book- No update;


  1. Membership-
  2. Matt Fink provided an update; discussion on having a party/table at the boys BB game on 2-10-17 and the girls BB game on 2-11-17. Geno Ratjar will help arrange food.   On motion made by Steve Fink and seconded by Matt Fink the motion to have the party/table was passed.


  1. Loose Moose Golf Tournament- Geno did not have any update; looking for guidance from LCS regarding solicitation of sponsors
  2. Website Matt Fink indicated no update. He is working with Justin Mathes and Dan Godfrey on adding forms to the website for Membership, Hoopin and Loose Moose Golf tournament


  1. New Business
  2. John Landkamer and Casey Breen were both at the meeting and gave the Board an update on some of LCS’s plans for sponsors for its major events including a possible upgrade to the scoreboards.



  1. Meeting Adjourned-Motion to adjourn made by Dan Godfrey and seconded by Matt Fink. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.