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March Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Date:  March 8, 2017


Present:  Geno Rajtar, Kara Sweere, Matt Fink, Dan Godfrey, Steve Fink, Wesley Otto, Melissa Strachan and Justin Mathes


  1. Secretary Report-The Minutes for the meeting for February 2017 meeting were presented for the approval. Matt Fink motioned to approve February Minutes; second by Dan Godfrey and the motion to accept the February Minutes was approved.


  1. Treasurer Report- Kara Sweere presented the Treasurer Report for January 2017
  2. The following bills were presented for payment: Doug Smith One Act Play $590.59 (102.94 from Drama and balance from Speech; Nicole Goebel $362.22 and Liz Tauer $14.33 food reimbursement  from Speech; Graphic Edge $131.73 for warm up jerseys from Boys Basketball; AAA Whole Sale Trophies $355.48 for awards Speech ; Minutemen Press $2,326 jackets Speech; NEFF $249 softball State banner General Account ; K-Fan Radio $125 monthly fee; Loyola $10,000 winter donation.  Kara Sweere moved to approve payment of the bills; second by Steve Fink and the motion passed.
  3. ­­­Wesley Otto motioned to accept the Treasurer Report; second by Justin Mathes and the motion to was approved.


III. Old Business

  1. Hoopin on Hill
  2. Update from Dan Godfrey; various ideas to post notice of the tournament;


  1. Coupon Book- No update;


  1. Membership-
  2. No update.


  1. Loose Moose Golf Tournament- update on progress of the event.


  1. Matt Fink no update.



  1. New Business



  1. Meeting Adjourned-Motion to adjourn made by Dan Godfrey and seconded by Matt Fink. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.