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Loyola Booster Club meeting 6/13/18

· Opening

o Matt called to order

o Attendance

· Matt, Wes, Geno, Marc, Justin

· Secretary Report

o Previously made available

o Geno motioned, Wes seconded. Motion carried

· Treasurer

o Previously made available

o Wes motioned to approve it

o Geno seconded it

o Motion carried

· Old Business

o None

· New Business

o Wes moved to donate enough money to Loyola Catholic School to have our accounts balance out at the exact some amount as last year and the check to be cashed before the end of the fiscal year.

· Matt seconded the motion

· Motion carries

o No other monetary requests

o Geno motioned to send all Loyola coaches instructions for requesting Booster Club funds

· Marc seconds

· Motion carries

o New board members

· 2 at large

· 1 treasurer

· Q&A

o Dan Godfrey will run Hoopin’ on the Hill

· Matt needs to make payment portal

· Justin will figure out food truck details

· Wes motions to adjourn the meeting

o Geno seconded

o Motioned carried