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September Booster club meeting 9/14/16


Present: Kara Sweere, Justin Mathes, Steve Fink, Geno Rajtar, Missy Strachan, Matt Fink


  1. Secretary Report- Missy motions to approve the August minutes. Second by Justin. Motion approved.
  2. Treasurer Report given by Kara Sweere for August
  3. Bills to pay- Out of General Acct: $465 to JR Bruender construction for port-a-potties for mud run, $400 out of VB acct for Hudl Software, $599.65 out of the FB acct to Portaphone for repair of press box antenna and headphones, new batteries.
  4. Discussion on Portaphone bill as it seems high and unfortunately did not have copy of bill at meeting.
  5. 2015-2016 quick books files have been sent to accountant
  6. Missy moved to pay all bills except the Portaphone bill until all can see copy of bill. Second by Geno. Motion approved.

III. Old Business

  1. Mud Run
    1. There were approximately 800 runners.
    2. Parking made $1785 that will be split between teams that helped with the Mud run.
    3. Email was sent to Randy regarding final numbers and if he will be making separate donation to soccer team as he has in past, no response as of yet but expecting between $6000 and $7000 this year.
    4. Future: Discussed the amount of time and work to be put into mud run to execute and that all board members would need to commit if we are to proceed next year. We also discussed if there are too many runs and the runs in our area that compete for our participants along with changing to different type of run like a color run which could have less expenses and time commitment. Doug Sjulstad brought up that Trevor Wagner a Loyola parent has run events like this and may be willing to help take it over. Doug is willing to contact Trevor for his thoughts and discuss the event with him. The future of the mud run will be tabled until we get this information.
  2. Coupon Book-
    1. Coupon books fundraiser will run from 9/16 thru 10/5/16
    2. Packets of 5 books will given to the youngest child from each family from Pre K thru 12th grade
    3. Prizes will be for top 3 selling families and top grade.
  3. Membership-updates given
    1. At this time there are only 7 paid memberships. 5 more paid at meeting tonight.
    2. Discussed for gambling purposes name, address and contact information needs to be recorded and tracked yearly.
    3. At this time there is only one corporate membership. We need to discuss with Radio Mankato our position with them and corporate sponsorships. Geno stated that he will contact Barry regarding this.
    4. Justin Mathes is willing to take over membership.
    5. Kara will put together spreadsheet with current members and their information along with send an email to past members with membership form only instead of with monthly email.
  4. Hoopin on the Hill –
    1. Total expenses – $1260.97, Income – $5619 (awaiting a $250 donation still), net- $4358.03.
    2. Future- Dan Godfrey will continue to run Hoopin and will be working on increased sponsors, participants and donations for next year.
  5. Loose Moose Golf Tournament-no current updates
  6. New Business
  7. Website
    1. Matt state that we have 2 options for our websites will be for us to use a company that we supports our webpage which can be around $20 per month plus up add ons which can be around $30 per month or build our own from ground up that would be on a computer that we purchase. Both options were discussed in regards to pros and cons. Steve made a motion to build website and approve up to $750 in expenses for Matt to proceed. Second by Kara. Motion approved.
    2. Matt would like to board members to help with content and format of the webpage.
      1. Content would include: corporate sponsor logos, mission statement, board members and way to contact them, meeting information and notes, and event signups.
      2. Items that need to be done: mission statement needs to be cleaned up and format of page needs to be looked at.
    3. Trailer Trash Fundraiser –
      1. Information was sent out by Tim Murray regarding proposal for sponsoring the Trailer Trash Band’s “Trashy Little Christmas Show”. The show is scheduled for 12/2/16 at the Morrison – Ario VFW Post 9713. Loyola Booster Club will be listed as the Sponsor and our tax ID will be used when receiving donations and letters will need to be written to donors. The initial income is anticipated to be about $2000.
      2. Justin motions to approve going forward with this fundraiser. Second by Kara. Motion approved
    4. United games fundraiser – Due to Bennett not being here to explain this has been deferred to next meeting as we do not feel that there is enough information.
    5. Board Positions
      1. Dan Godfrey has agreed to join the Board as an At Large position. Kara motions to approve appointment. Steve seconds. Motion passes
      2. Next meeting we will need to make a formal vote on for board positions as there is a vacancy for President and Vice President at this time.
    6. Mike Kortuem asked if there a policy on who gets the monthly meeting notes as not all are members. Kara explained that we want to be transparent as we can be and in hopes that some will donate or resume paying membership dues all current and past members get the email unless they have requested to be taken off. This may be something that the board needs to look into and discuss further at another time.
    7. Meeting Adjourned-Motion to adjourn made by Geno 2nd made by Dan. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm