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Minutes for Mankato Loyola Booster Club Gambling

Date: 7/17/18

The meeting was called to order by Gene at 6:00 pm.

In attendance: Gene Rajtar, Missy Strachan, Kara Sweere, Marc Bachman, Dan Godfrey, Matt Fink, Wes Otto

I. Secretary’s Report for May was given by Kara.

Missy moved to approve the report. It was seconded by Dan. Motion carried.

II. Treasurer’s Report was given by Gene

  1. Lawful Gambling Schedules reviewed: Including Schedule A (Gross receipts = $158,538, Prizes paid =$131,833.45, Net receipts = $26,704.55), B2, C and F (Bank acct was reconciled, Profit carryover for month = $24993.44)
  2. Allowable Expenses:
    1. Paid prior to meeting for preapproval at last meeting:

i. Games for $221.73 were paid to M Peters Enterprise electronically on 6/22/18

ii. Games for $224.14 plus $14.57 for thermal paper for a total of $238.71 were paid to M Peters Enterprise electronically on 6/30/18.

iii. M Peters Enterprises Inc: epull tabs: $ 8267.26 electronically on 7/9/2018

  1. Rent – Big Dog – $ 4763.00
  2. M Peters Enterprises – $0 for etab provider fees , Pre-approved $1,500.00 for gambling product and $10,000.00 for etab fees due before the next meeting.
  3. Pilot games = $57.48 for provider fees and $551.69 prize reconciliation for total of $609.17.
  4. Geno Rajtar – $1,000.00 for independent contract
  5. Kara Sweere – $500.00 for independent contract

Lawful Purpose Expenditures: City of North Mankato taxes $1482.46 State of MN monthly taxes $ 11026.00 Loyola Booster Club Donation $0.

Missy moved to approve the report and pay. It was seconded by Dan. Motion carried.

III. Correspondences and other documents:

  1. Geno got paperwork for MAYBA donation, ,which will be sent in immediately.
  2. Paperwork for changing storage site will be sent in by Gene.

IV. Additional Business

  1. We got 2 bids for Audit. Cliffton Larson Allen for $4000 and $3250 from Burkhardt & Burkhardt. Missy made a motion to try Burkhardt & Burkhardt this year due to significant decrease in price. Geno seconded. Motion carried.

Gene moved to close the meeting. It was seconded by Kara. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 645 pm.