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Mission Statement

The Loyola Booster Club was established in 2001 as a separate entity to support and foster co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at Loyola Catholic School through fundraising and volunteer efforts. The Loyola Booster Club and its supporters work in harmony with the Loyola Catholic School Administration and Community. The Loyola Booster Club upholds the Christian values and Mission Statement of Loyola Catholic School.

Board Members

President & CEO:
Dan Godfrey

Vice President:
Eric Casteel

Gambling Manager:
Geno Rajtar

John Speckel

Missy Strachan

At Large:

Scott Morgan

Joe Kann

Paul Stoffel

Mike Eichers, Asst. to the Asst. Secretary

Upcoming Events

4.16.2020 @ Charley’s

Booster Club Meeting


Next Meeting

2nd week of the month 
Buffalo Wild Wings/La Terraza/Charley’s (rotation)

4.16.2020 @ Charley’s

6:00 Gambling Meeting
6:15 Club Meeting